The purpose of this study was to investigate physical education B.A. coaching syllabus and to provide reforming recommendations. The research was a descriptive survey. A researcher-made questionnaire with open and close questions was used on Likert scale. The statistical population consisted of 24 teachers of these curriculums. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts and its reliability was tested by Cronbach’s alpha (86%). K-S test was used to check the normality of responses and descriptive statistics were used to gather frequency and percents, mean and standard deviation and data analysis. The results showed that 93.5% of teachers agreed and completely agreed and only 6.5% disagreed with the number of units and syllabi, 80.6% of teachers agreed and completely agreed and 19.4% disagreed and completely disagreed with passing these 24 proficiency and theoretical units. 22.6% of teachers completely agreed, 38.7% agreed and 38.7% disagreed with the interaction of proficiency practical units with the goals of these curriculums. Regarding side aspects of proficiency fields with the goals of these curriculums as well as optional units, 16.1% of teachers completely agreed, 45.2% agreed, 25.8% disagreed, 3.2% completely disagreed and 9.7% had no comments on 4-19 theoretical units. 16.1% of teachers completely agreed, 45.2% agreed, 16.1% disagreed, 19.4% completely disagreed and 3.2% had no comments on passing 30-45 internship units in direct relationship with proficiency fields and their interaction with these curriculums. Also, teachers suggested that some units such as biology, physics, general corrective training, theories of training, coaching, sport for all and training with weights should be added to these curriculums.