This study was conducted to determine the relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior in physical education organizations in West Azerbaijan province. This research was a descriptive – correlation type and was categorized in field study. The statistical sample was equal to the statistical population; therefore, organizational justice questionnaire (Moorman, Neihoof, 1993) and organizational citizenship behavior questionnaire (Podsakoff and Mackenzie, 1990) (their reliabilities were obtained through Cronbach’s alpha as 0.93 and 0.83 respectively) were distributed among the sample of 94 personnel in physical education organizations of West Azerbaijan. The results of the Gamma correlation showed no significant relationship between distributive justice and organizational citizenship behavior while there was a significant relationship between procedural justice and OCB (P<0.05, r=0.14), between interactional justice and OCB (P<0.05, r=0.19) and organizational justice and civil virtue (p<0.05, r=0.137). Also, regression analysis showed that interactional justice can predict organizational citizenship behavior. Since the organizational citizenship behaviors are voluntary behaviors, they are more affected by interactions and organizational procedures; therefore, it is necessary that managers of physical education organizations treat fairly with personnel to increase organizational citizenship behaviors especially civil virtue in personnel.