The safety of sport halls in physical education faculties is important from two perspectives: first, students spend a long time in these sport halls to learn a sport filed; second, they should learn sport safety standards as the future experts. The aim of this research was to study physical education students’ viewpoints on safety in sport halls of physical education faculties of universities in Tehran. The study was of a descriptive field nature and the statistical population included 541 B.A. students in the last year of their education at state universities in Tehran (second semester of 1386-87). 442 subjects were selected as the statistical sample by classified sampling. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect the students’ viewpoints and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The results showed that the safety was low in sport halls with no significant difference between male and female students and between athletes and non-athletes. Many sport injuries of physical education students resulted from a lack of safety in sport halls and this fact can influence managers’ decisions. Also, the final model of the study was designed considering the following components: maintenance of sport centers, review of documents, education of individuals and proper action in an emergency. This model can help sport managers promote safety of physical and educational activities and analyze safety of sport halls so that necessary safety actions can be predicted and safety of sport halls in physical education faculties can be compared.