The purpose of this study was to review the role and importance of chivalry, heroicness and sport at the time of Safavieh dynasty. The researcher tried to find out the role of athletes in forming Safavieh dynasty, in gaining stability, glory and power for Iran and in diminishing this dynasty as well as to investigate this fact that when Safavieh dynasty was stronger, the role of sport and athletes was more important while when Safavieh dynasty was weak, the role of chivalry, heroicness and sport was weak. The first Safavieh rulers (from Shah Ismail Safavieh, the founder of this dynasty who was titled "The Knight" by Europeans to Shah Abbas I who was titled "The Great") gained great glory, power and welfare for Iran. Actually, as they were all heroes, champions and athletes, their subservient group and people turned to heroicness and sport. In fact, sport and heroicness received a great value and improved greatly. In the other side, when rulers of the end of Safavieh dynasty were characterless, heroes, champions and athletes weakened as well and sport and athletes declined. In conclusion, whenever rulers, authorities of a country are champions and athletes and support sport, heroicness and championship will develop. In other words, when the rulers and managers of the society are weak and unmotivated, sport will decrease and decline.