The aim of the current descriptive study was to determine the relationship between perfectionism and social physique anxiety in women with regular physical activity. For this purpose, Frost (1990) multidimensional perfectionism scale, the social physique anxiety (SPA) questionnaire of Hart et al. (1989) and EBC scale of Cardinal (1997) were administered to 229 women who participated in Mashhad physical fitness centers and had regular physical activity for more than 30 days. The data were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient, Kolmogorov – Smirnov, Mann – Whitney U and independent t tests. Results showed that mean scores of SPA and perfectionism were 31.87+8.02 and 111.50+12.91 respectively. There was a significant difference between subjects' perfectionism (t = -1.754, p = 0.002) and parental criticism (z = -2.563, p = 0.010) and organization (t = -1.459, p = 0.025) subscales with an emphasis on action and maintenance stages of exercise behavior. Also, there was a significant relationship between SPA and perfectionism of women with regular physical activity (r = 0.185, p = 0.015). It seems that regular physical activity was related to medium levels of perfectionism and social physique anxiety.