The purpose of this research was to aesthetically investigate and to analyze live multi-camera television broadcast of soccer matches. The research method was qualitative with in-depth and semi-open interviews. The statistical population consisted of 15 national and international sport producers and directors out of which 10 subjects were purposively selected as the sample of the study. This study investigated those factors of aesthetical reproduction of these sport events. One of the important factors for this kind of production was the camera positioning due to the rules of soccer (it is possible to use 32 cameras for live broadcast of a soccer match). Live broadcast of soccer matches is in fact a kind of story telling by cameras. Live broadcast of a sport event is quite the same as a television drama which has a starting point, the middle and an ending point but contrary to a drama, it has an unpredictable end. The results of this research were the same as previous findings and reviews and therefore it is suggested that sport production teams and especially directors should gain soccer knowledge in addition to aesthetic knowledge to promote the aesthetic aspect of live sport events such as soccer.