The aim of this research was to investigate the location and accessibility of Urmia sport centers concerning national and international standards. The research was applicable, analytical and descriptive. Statistical population consisted of all sport centers of Urmia Physical Education Department. Statistical sample equaled the statistical population (29 sport centers). Data were collected by a researcher-made questionnaire. Binominal test results showed that sport centers were in an average condition from neighborhood and site selection perspective (P=0.05<0.13). From accessibility standard perspective, sport centers were in a poor condition (P=0.05>0.002). Chi-square test results showed that the sport centers did not meet the aesthetic standard as well (P=0.05>0.000). Binominal test results also showed that sport centers were not standard from security and supervision perspective (P=0.05>0.000). Also, information and service criteria did not meet necessary standards (P=0.05>0.026). Neighborhood, site selection and hygiene standards were at an average level and other standards such as accessibility, aesthetics, security, parking, information, facilities for the disabled were poor.