The aim of this study was to examine the fourfold role of sport media (culturalization, educational, informing and social participation) in developing sport for all culture. This study was a descriptive – correlation survey. The statistical population of this study consisted of sport and media experts. A researcher – made questionnaire was used to collect the data; its validity was approved by academic experts and its reliability was (a=0.89). Descriptive statistics, Chi – square and Friedman tests were used to analyze the data (p=0.05). The results showed a significant relationship between the four roles of sports media and the development of sport for all culture. Subjects asserted that despite the tremendous effect of sport media on the development of the sport for all, sport media does not pay necessary attention to this issue and did not allocate enough time to sport for all in their planning and most of programs are about professional and championship sports. It is suggested that a higher interaction with media is planned and their capacity to develop sport for all is used in all aspects.