The purpose of this research was to analyze and compare occupational stressors and organizational coping resources in sport authorities of Iran Oil Company. This research was a descriptive survey. Iran Oil Company sport authorities (n=170) were divided into three groups of managers, experts and coaches. Morgan table was used and 117 subjects were randomly selected as the sample of this study. Spielberger (1984) standard questionnaire (a=0.905), and a researcher-made questionnaire (Randall R. and Altmaier E., 1994) (a=0.96) were used to collect the data. The validity of the researcher-made questionnaire was approved by professors and experts (n=10). Descriptive statistics as well as Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Friedman, ANOVA, Scheffe and t tests were used to analyze the data. The results showed that all groups almost similarly experienced organizational job stressors. But the amount of stress created by these stressors was different among groups. The most important organizational stressor factor was supervision (5.82) and the lowest stress was related to minimum use of personnel (4.67). The investigation of organizational coping resources showed that Iran Oil Company used these resources at a medium-low level in all three groups. However, a higher level of organizational coping resources was used by managers compared to experts and coaches.