The aim of the present study was to evaluate creativity and knowledge management in Physical Education General Department of Tehran as well as to recognize the relationship between these two variables. The statistical population of this study consisted of 250 staff of Physical Education General Department of Tehran and the sample included 155 subjects. The data were collected by questionnaires including personal information questionnaire, Randeep creativity questionnaire and knowledge management questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaires was confirmed by experts, and their reliability was tested by Alpha Cronbach (a=81% for the creativity questionnaire and a=88% for the knowledge management questionnaire). Kolmogorov – Smirnov, Pearson test and multiple regression tests were used to analyze the data. The results showed that management of knowledge and creativity was at a medium level in Physical Education General Department of Tehran. There was a positive and significant relationship between creativity and knowledge management. Among the four features of knowledge management, there was a significant relationship between externalization and socialization with creativity.