The purpose of the present study was to design the model of ICT in Iran Physical Education Organization. 630 experts and professionals who were graduate students participated in the study. According to Morgan table, 235 participants were selected to answer SWOT analysis questionnaire. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire (a= 97%) was confirmed and it was distributed among the participants. Friedman test and Wilcoxon test were applied to analyze the data. The results indicated that the status of informational bank, the desired vision of ICT enhancement, ICT enhancement strategies, SWOT analysis were not identified in Iran Physical Education Organization. The results also indicated that ICT in Iran sport organizations was located in the weakness region and in the matrix was located in WT. In this situation, the existing situation should be maintained and the weak points should be eliminated in order to avoid threats. Based on the results of the study, investigation of resources and viewpoints of professors and experts, ICT enhancement strategies and ICT model were presented.