The purpose of this research was to survey the attitudes of students living in University of Tehran dormitories towards sport for all. The method of the research was descriptive. Population consisted of all students who lived in University of Tehran dormitories (n=7439) out of which 370 subjects were selected by Morgan table. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect the data; the validity was approved by 10 professional sport management professors and the reliability by Chronbach's alpha coefficient (a=0.82). Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The results showed that 73.1% of all students participated in sport for all and 29.6% did not participate in any sport activity. Barriers to participate in sport for all were as follows: being busy, the importance of other issues, laziness and bore. Motivations to participate in sport for all were body fitness, joy, happiness and well-being. 82% of students were aware of the positive effects of sport for all on mind and body and 6% believed that sport for all did not have any effect on their well-being. 53.2% were moderately satisfied with sport for all in the dormitories and 32.7% were highly satisfied with these activities. 5.2% extremely, 49.7% highly and 45.1% at a low level participated in sport for all.