The aim of the present research was to identity and to present the optimum state of Iran sport media management from the viewpoints of top media and sport specialists. To achieve an optimum theory, Q method was used. A researcher-made questionnaire consisting of 60 questions was designed using the 7-point Likert scale and its validity was confirmed by specialists and university professors. Statistical population included specialists of communication and physical education fields. The sample was not randomly selected (n=20). In the present research, descriptive statistics were used to describe respondents’ state and Pearson test and factor analysis were used to find correlations among respondents. Based on the results and similarity of answers, respondents were divided into two groups: media (n=12) and sport (n=8). The comparison of the opinions of the two groups based on the Z standard scores showed that two groups from the total 60 questions of this research were in agreement with 50 questions (positive and negative agreement). Finally, the results of the research showed that the viewpoint of service – oriented media management was accepted as the most optimum sport media management system.