The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between employees’ empowerment and organizational learning in Physical Education Organization. The research used a descriptive correlation method. Statistical population consisted of all employees in Physical Education Organization (N=722) and based on Cochran sampling method, 250 subjects were selected for the statistical sample. The data were gathered by questionnaires of personal characteristics, Spreitzer empowerment (a=0.88), and Scheffe’s organizational learning (?=0.87). Descriptive and inferential statistics such as Pearson correlation coefficient, Kolmogorov Smirnov and multivariate regression analysis were used to analyze the data (a=0.01). Also, SPSS 15 and EXEL software was used. The results showed a positive and powerful significant relationship between impact (r = 0.496), competence (r = 0.241), meaningfulness (r = 0.186) with organizational learning (P=0.01, r=0.830). Multivariate regression analysis showed that out of five dimensions of empowerment, only three dimensions ( meaningfulness, competence, and impact) determined approximately 79% of organizational learning variance (P<0.01).