The purpose of this study was to compare the quality of life in participants and non-participants who took part in sport for all in Ardabill city. 226 active subjects (72 women and 152 men) in sport for all stations and 539 non-participants (208 women and 331 men) were selected as the sample of the study. The Quality of Life (QLQ) questionnaire included 72 questions which measured 6 factors of quality of life. The internal consistency of this questionnaire was R = 0.85 and in this study it was estimated 0.81. Data were analyzed by t test and Mann Whiney U Test (P 0.05). The results indicated a significant difference in quality of life between the two groups. That is, participants’ quality of life, physical well-being subscales, job satisfaction, creative / aesthetic behavior and social relations were found to be better than non-participants. Also, those men and women who took part in sport for all had better life quality scores in comparison with male and female non-participants.