The aim of the present study was to recognize and examine different aspects of participative management and resistance of physical education female teachers to changes of educational and training methods in district 7. This was a descriptive correlational study. Statistical population included female teachers of physical education who taught 12 hours a week (N=81). Because they were limited in number, all of them were selected as the sample of the study. Two questionnaires (participative management questionnaire and resistance to change questionnaire) were used to gather the data. The first questionnaire included 4 elements, each of which separately consisted of 6 questions which as a result formed 20 questions totally.Other questionnaire consisted of 18 questions. The reliability of participative management was determined by Cronbach’s alpha (0.75) and the reliability of resistance to change as (0.96). Data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics using SPSS 11 software. The results showed a significant negative and reverse relationship between participative management and resistance to change (r = -0.35, P<0.05). Furthermore, the same relationship existed between participation in decision making and problem solving (r = -0.239, P<0.05), participation in execution and performance (r=-0.465, P<0.05) and participation in supervision and control (r = -0.240, p<0.05) with resistance to change. But, there was no relationship between participation in planning and goal determination (r = -0.157, p>0.05) with resistance to change.