The purpose of this research was to survey the relationship between organizational learning and performance among experts of Physical Education Organization of Iran. In order to achieve the research goals, Yang et al. (2004) organization learning and performance questionnaire was used. The validity and reliability of the questionnaires were determined : Organization learning questionnaire ?= 0.871 and performance questionnaire ?= 0.84. The sample of this study consisted of 169 experts of Physical Education Organization. For data analysis, some statistical techniques such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and Pearson correlation were used. Findings showed a positive and significant relationship between continuous learning and organizational performance (P<0.05, r= 0.423) . Also, between other dimensions of learning (team learning, empowerment, communication in system and strategic leadership) and organizational performance, there was a positive and significant relationship. The findings of this research showed the organizational learning and it dimensions (individual learning, team learning, organizational learning) as an important factor to increase the level of Performance in Physical Education Organization experts.