The main purpose of this research was to study the burnout of referees among Iranian soccer super league referees and to determine its relationship to their stress level. In this respect, it was decided to use the revised questionnaire of burnout (Winnerberg and Richardson, 1992) and referee's stress level questionnaire (Nosy, 1994). Personal characteristics questionnaire was also devised when its content validity was confirmed by experts and its reliability was tested by Cronbach's alpha (0.82). 32 referees were randomly selected from all the referees in Iranian Soccer super League (N=35) and 30 questionnaires were filled out and returned (%93.75). The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics (frequency, mean, standard deviation) and inferential statistics (independent T, ANOVA, Correlation coefficient) (P<0.05). After analyzing data, the average score for burnout and referees’ stress in Iranian Soccer super League was 52.53 and 76.39 respectively (The maximum score of burn out and stress level was 112 and 100 respectively). Also, there was a significant relationship between burnout and referees’ stress level (r = 0.45, P<0.013). Eventually, the results showed that stress is a suitable factor to predict burnout. In addition, Iranian referees have a high stress level during their judgment.