The purpose of this research was to analyze and model an evaluation for Handball National Team Coaches in Iran via the path analysis method. The research methodology was descriptive and a survey. The research instrument was a questionnaire which consisted of 108 closed items. The questionnaire was distributed among 12 sport management professors of universities in order to determine the content validity and then it was distributed among the subjects. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated by Cronbach' alpha (? = 0.97, P<0.01.) 105 out of 120 questionnaires were completed and returned. After data were collected by exploratory factor analysis method, five factors were identified. On this basis, the evaluation of Handball National Team coaches was modeled. To test the assumption, X2 statistic was used and for this model, value of K2 equaled 0.35. This value was less than the critical value of K2 and a freedom degree of 1 equaling 6.63 as well as P>0.05 confirmed the model. In this model, individual characteristics, sport, moral and personal experiences were identified as exogenous variables and factors of human, social, and technical specifications were identified as endogenous variables by path analysis method.