The purpose of this study was to investigate the disclosure of aggressive behaviors among soccer players of "Pegah club" in Guilan and to consider some factors and situations during professional soccer league competitions in Iran. For this purpose, 15 home competitions of “Pegah” team in professional league (season 2005-6) were selected as the sample of this study. Six individuals were also selected as judges, who were familiar with soccer and common aggressive behaviors. These judges attended the stadium, and during direct watching of the competitions, they recorded the players' physical and verbal ggressive behaviors. A researcher-made questionnaire (inspired by Roberts et al.'s (1999) aggressiveness checklist) was used to register the aggressive behaviors. The data were analyzed by ANOVA and LSD post-hoc at P?0.05. The results of the study indicated no significant difference between the prevalence of physical and verbal aggressive behaviors. However, the results of the competitions affected the players' aggressive behaviors. It means that both physical and verbal aggressiveness were committed more in competitions with equal scores rather than win or loss. In addition, the score of the previous competitions did not have much effect on these behaviors. In other words, the aggressive behaviors of the “Pegah” team players were almost the same as the players of the teams in high, low, and middle of the classification schedule of the league. However, there were significant differences among different posts of this team: these behaviors were more committed in halfback posts. In summary, the results of this study indicated that the authorities of the competitions and team managers should take these two factors into account in the guidance of the sound behaviors among athletes.