The purpose of this study was to identify Iran NOC strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, issues and challenges it confronts. Document analysis, relevant literature review, surveys, PEST SCAN (? = 0.9748), SWOT analysis and meetings were used to collect the data. 150 NOC stakeholders including 50 members of general assemblies, 80 managers and staff members and 20 elites were selected and surveyed. By Delphi method, meetings and several strategic analyzing steps, 11 strengths, 10 eaknesses, 12 opportunities and 12 threats were recognized and ranked by Friedman test. In addition, results indicated that Iran NOC confronted issues and challenges in those areas such as financial and marketing, right status in Iran sport, influence of political subjects on the performance of sport organizations, support of elite athletes and coaches, talent identification and development system in sport, international competitors, national sport mass media, ethical issues and doping in some sports, and dependence of national sport federations. Developing strategic plans and appropriate strategies are recommended to maximize the use of strengths and opportunities, to resolve weaknesses and to help reduce the effects of some of these issues and challenges.