The aim of the present study was to compare and analyze football referees' status in Iran and England. This study used factors and variables which affected this issue (assessor scales). Method of this research was descriptive and library-based. Results showed that Iran referee structure was not in accordance with England and more development and variety was observed in England referee structure. Criminal record and medical examinations especially eye examination were not required to enter Iran referee system contrary to England. 23 referees and 50 assistant referees in Iran premier league (18 teams) and 26 referees and 48 assistant referees in England premier league (20 teams) refereed in the season 2007-08. Age average of Iran premier league referees and assistant referees was 35.71 and 37 years and England 37.33 and 36.11 years respectively. There was a significant difference between the classifying levels of referees in Iran and England (5?9). The referees' salary of Iran premier league was 150€ for one game and England 23000€ during the pre-season and 570€ for each game. There is not a referee association in Iran to defend Iranian referee laws such as accident insurance (supplementary insurance) and modern technologies.