The purpose of this study was to survey a regression model of job attitudes using organizational climate in physical education faculties in Iran. This study was a correlational survey. The statistical population consisted of all employees of physical education faculties in Iran. The statistical sample consisted of three areas of management, staff and faculty members. Totally, 231 subjects responded to 5 questionnaires: demographic questionnaire, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement and organizational climate. Cronbach's alpha was used to estimate the reliability of the questionnaires. Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation …) and inferential statistics (correlation coefficient, linear regression analysis) were used to analyzed the data. Results of correlation tests showed a significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational climate (r=0.75, P<0.001), organizational commitment and organizational climate (r=0.64, P<0.001) and organizational climate and job attachment (r=0.64, P<0.001). Multivariable regression test showed a significant correlation between job attitude and organizational climate. Accordingly, a regression model was presented to predict organizational climate based on job attachment, organizational commitment and job satisfaction. This model showed that job attachment and organizational commitment could similarly predict organizational climate. However, job satisfaction played a determining role in predicting the organizational climate in employees of physical education and sport sciences faculties.