The purpose of this study was to investigate female customers' satisfaction in private and state bodybuilding clubs of Tehran with a descriptive method. The sample of this study consisted of the customers of private and state bodybuilding clubs in Tehran who had at least 6 months of sport participation. Based on systematic sampling, 5 regions of Tehran were selected. Then, 25 private and 25 state bodybuilding clubs from these regions were randomly selected. 10 subjects from these clubs randomly participated in this study and finally 475 questionnaires were collected. A questionnaire was used to collect the data (reliability=0.92). Independent sample t test was used to analyze the data. The results showed a significant difference in all parameters of satisfaction between private and state clubs. Except for cost and fee satisfaction parameter which was significantly higher in state clubs (P=0.00), satisfaction was significantly higher in private clubs for other parameters (P<0.05). Also, a significant difference was observed in overall customer satisfaction between private and state bodybuilding clubs (p=0.00), and the customers of private clubs had higher satisfaction. The most important factors that caused these differences were satisfaction from employees' behavior and quality of equipment.