The aim of this research was to study the relationship between lifestyle and marital satisfaction in athletes and non-athletes. The statistical population of this research consisted of married athletes in Sepahan Foolad Mobarakeh, Zob-e-Ahan and municipality clubs as well as non-athletes (n=120). and ordinary people for this reason groups of athletes uniform statistical population and group of ordinary people (100 persons) were randomly selected frompeople who were match with statistical population in age, sex, outcome and education. A researcher – made questionnaire for lifestyle (?= 0.79), Enrich questionnaire for marital satisfaction (?=0.95) and the questionnaire of demographic characteristics were used to collect the data. Results of this research showed a significant and direct relationship between athletes' lifestyle and marital satisfaction (p<0.05). This relationship was significant for non-athletes as well. In addition, the findings indicated that lifestyle in athletes was better than non-athletes (P < 0.05), but no difference was observed in marital satisfaction between athletes and non-athletes. Also, according to multiple regression, there was a significant relationship between income, age, sex and duration of marriage as demographic characteristics and marital satisfaction. This relationship was reverse between duration of marriage and marital satisfaction. In addition, findings showed a significant relationship between sex as a demographic characteristic and lifestyle.