The aim of the present study was to investigate organizational commitment of staff in physical education general offices and its relationship with some demographic factors. After the reliability and validity of the questionnaire (Allen, Meyer and Smith, 1993) had been estimated in a preliminary study, 550 questionnaires were distributed among the staff of physical education general offices of ten provinces (these provinces were selected by classified random method) and 337 questionnaires were analyzed. Results showed that women enjoyed lower commitment than men (3.25±0.68 vs. 3.48±0.67, p<0.05) and also, common staff (3.36±0.70) had lower commitment than directors and their deputies (3.72±0.61, P<0.05). Additionally, MSc staff and those with higher academic degrees had lower commitment than others (P<0.05). There was no significant difference in organizational commitment with regard to age, marital status, academic field, type of employment and record of service. It seems that some facilities should be considered for women and the personnel with higher academic degrees in order to improve the organizational commitment in the present condition of physical education general offices.