The aim of this research was to investigate the role of formal education and extra curricular programs of physical education and sport sciences (MSc courses) in providing entrepreneurial skills for postgraduates from senior students' viewpoint. Statistical population of this research consisted of all senior students of general physical education (MSc level) of all state universities of Iran in 2009-2010 (n=89). With regard to the limitations of statistical population, the statistical population was considered as the statistical sample. The research was a descriptive survey. A research-made questionnaire was used to collect the data (the validity was approved by physical education instructors and the reliability was calculated as 0.83 by Cronbakh's alpha). The results showed that the students recognized that the contents of special courses of physical education were appropriate for promoting theoretical fields and educating entrepreneurship skills (45.63%), but they were not so satisfied with educating the practical fields and they recognized that different components of physical education curriculum played a weak role in providing technical, personal and management skills of entrepreneurship (41.49%). Also, the results of this research showed that the students considered the role of extra-curricular programs effective to familiarize postgraduates with job markets and entrepreneurship (44.73%). Meanwhile, due to the existing obstacles and problems in intervention, if entrepreneurial activities are transferred to the private section, the way will be paved for entrepreneurship researches and self-employment of the postgraduates. Also, the results indicated no significant difference between the students of traditional universities and distance universities in the role of educational workshops, training projects, holding sport events, coaching courses and the role of government in promoting entrepreneurial spirit of students.