The purpose of this study was to examine various factors influencing spectators' attendance in professional soccer games in Tehran. This research was a descriptive survey. The questionnaire used in this study was developed by Green (1995), Hansen and Gauthier (1989), Kaskey (1999), Schofield (1983) and Zhang et al. (1995) in order to examine factors affecting spectators' attendance in sports played with a ball and and it was subsequently modified by the researcher in 4 scopes including economics, game attractiveness, spectator preferences and stadium facilities with 31 questions. After determining the sample, 700 questionnaires were distributed among the spectators of Esteghlal and Piroozi soccer teams via random sampling. Using Cronbach's Alpha, the reliability of questionnaire was estimated as 0.86. In order to analyze the data, one-variable T and F tests were used. The results indicated that the three factors of game attractiveness, spectator preferences and stadium facilities had a positive effect on fans' attendance and the economic factors had no effect on fans' attendance. Among economic factors, reasonable ticket price, among game attractiveness factors, the offensive play of the favorite team, among the spectator preferences, the regularity of the league and among stadium facilities, easy arrival and departure from stadium, parking and comfortable seats had the most effects on spectators' attendance in stadiums.