The current study aimed to investigate the attitudes of postgraduate students of physical education and sport sciences towards discipline diversity. The statistical sample included all physical education postgraduate students in 1385-86 semester from five public universities in Tehran. The current study was a descriptive, survey-based study and data were gathered using researcher-made questionnaires (?= 0.87). The findings suggested that students, in general, favored such discipline diversity at postgraduate level (average of 4.11 out of 5 in Likert scale). Students of sport injuries and corrective exercises showed a low tendency (average 3.91) while sport management students showed most tendency (average 4.32) towards curriculum specialization in physical education courses. The current results conformed to previous findings. It could be concluded that specialization in the field of physical education and sport sciences at postgraduate level, as expected, resulted in students' higher satisfaction and their learning motives.