The aim of the present research was to study physical education managers' satisfaction from sport medicine federation services to injured athlete university students. A questionnaire was used to gather the data. Experts approved the validity of the questionnaire and the reliability was calculated by Cronbach's alpha (?=0.70). The statistical population of this research included MSRT universities (Ministry of Science، Research and Technology). The questionnaire was distributed among 58 sport managers of these universities and 48 questionnaires were returned. Descriptive and deductive statistical methods (Spearman correlation and regression test) were used to analyze the data. The results showed a significant relationship between sport managers’ satisfaction and these variables: paying damages, the quality of sport medicine federation staff's relations, the rate of services and the proportion of insurance cover while there was no significant relationship between managers' satisfaction and providing information about the services. The results of multivariable data analysis showed that paying damages and the quality of staff's relations had the most significant relationship to physical education managers’ satisfaction.