The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between managers’ leadership style and creativity of physical education (PE) teachers. Subjects included 160 managers and physical education teachers. Leadership style assessment questionnaire (LSAQ) and Raudsepp creativity questionnaire were used. Results showed a mean score of 127.9 (out of 2000) for leadership style. This score was 129.7 for male and 126.2 for female teachers. Physical education teachers' perception of managers’ transactional leadership style (out of 40 maximum) was 25.48 (mean for males: 25.48 and for females: 25.3). Out of 160 scores for transformational leadership style, mean of physical education teachers was 102.18; this score was 104.28 for males and 100.9 for females. Results showed a significant correlation (r=0.56, P=0.05) between leadership style and creativity. According to the results of this study and literature review, we can conclude that leadership style can have effects, directly or indirectly, on the amount of creativity.