The aim of the present study was to model and study the effectiveness of the 4-factor marketing mix model in sport service industry. For this purpose, a questionnaire consisting of 45 closed questions was used (P<0.01). 108 marketing authorities of sport clubs active in 9 sport fields of super league matches completed the questionnaire and 98 questionnaires were completed and returned. The 4- factor marketing mix model was made. Results showed that pricing management was the independent variable and promotion management, facility management and product management were the dependent variables. The 4-factor model in Iran sport service industry was sufficiently suited to Iranian sport market. Also, pricing management was the main key to be manipulated by managers. Product management and facility management were the reply variables. Facility management shared some expenditure with product management and therefore it created some noticeable results and problems. Also, managers used promotion management to control product and facility managements in this model.