The purpose of the present research was to apply data envelopment analysis method to determine productivity and to rank faculties and departments of physical education and sport sciences. 28 physical education and sport sciences faculties and departments of Islamic Azad University were selected. One of the most important non-parametric methods to evaluate the function of decision making units is data envelopment analysis model (DEA). One of these most important models is to search for the output and input weights and to calculate the amount of productivity (BCC model). In this model, the ratio of output to the scale can be variable (ascendant, stable, descendant). First, collected data will be divided into indexes with expense nature (budget, faculties, and office staff) and output indexes production nature (education, research and service activities). Input and output were combined and evaluated (the experts attached appropriate weights to input and output) and data were processed by performance evaluation model (EMS software was used). The results showed that regarding input, eleven faculties and departments had desirable output of educational and research function and professional services. They are at a desirable productivity level as well. Eighteen faculties and departments did not have desirable productivity regarding their input.