The educational system of each country plays the main role in developing the economy, society and the cultural factors of that country. Therefore, the society and the government pay much attention to their educational system. The aim of this study was to design a performance assessment system in physical education colleges and sport sciences. 22 criteria in three dimensions (input, process and output) as well as 999 indexes were used to design the performance assessment system. Next, based on the designed system, a primary questionnaire was designed by the 5-point Likert scale and distributed among professionals. Afterwards, based on their viewpoints, six questionnaires as well as the final evaluation checklist with 202 indexes were arranged based 5-point Likert scale: seven input criteria (46 indexes), eight process criteria (65 indexes) and seven output criteria (91 indexes). This research was developmental due to its aim and quantitative (descriptive) due to its data collection method. Questionnaires' validity was approved by professionals’ viewpoints and its reliability by Cronbach’s alpha (?>0.87). In addition, the weighted mean was used to rank indexes and criteria.