The purpose of this study was to investigate the motives of participants in sport for all in Rasht city. 3000 individuals participated in exercises and sports in eight centers of sport for all out of which 700 participants were selected as the sample. The instrument of this study was a researcher-made questionnaire which consisted of 30 closed questions. These questions measured 5 major motives of participation in sport for all and other reasons by 5-point Likert scale. The reliability of the questionnaire was approved by the experts (r=0.95). The validity was determined by Cronbach's alpha. All questionnaires were distributed in the mornings, evenings, and at nights and filled out and collected by the researcher after 30 minutes. The results were analyzed by T-test and ANOVA (the LSD post hoc test and Spearman test) (P?0.05). The results indicated that the motives of “health care and fitness” and “pleasure and enjoyment” occupied the first place. “Improvement in occupational and life relationships”, “prevention and treatment of diseases” and “social interaction” occupied the next place. Women gained more scores than men in all motives and married participants had higher personal reasons to participate in these activities.