Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Sport Management, University of Isfahan,

2 Ph. D. Students in Sport Management Department, Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.



Introduction: The purpose of research was to present the model of privatization of sports clubs in Iraq country.

Methods: The statistical community of this research in the qualitative part, experts and in the quantitative part experts in the field included university professors, managers and experts of the Ministry of Sports, managers, coaches and staff of Iraqi basketball teams and clubs. In order to analyze the data in a qualitative study using the Brown and Clark theme analysis technique, to examine the relationships between the themes identified in a quantitative study using the structural equation modeling method, and finally to assess the construct validity and to examine the interaction between research variables. Second order confirmatory factor analysis method and interpretive structural modeling of partial least squares approach were used.

Findings: Through reviewing the interviews conducted with experts, finally 77 final concepts and based on the results of the relationships between the identified concepts, 12 sub-themes and five main themes under the title of context level, interaction level, support level, implementation level and the resulting surface was formed. Also, the results showed that the privatization of sports clubs in Iraq is subject to five levels, the lowest level is the underlying factors and the highest level is the output of the result level system.

Conclusion: Based on this, it is necessary to pay the attention of managers and policy makers to the above-mentioned factors according to their roles in the privatization of sports clubs.


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