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The purpose of this research was to design the ethical decision making model of soccer players. The present research is from the point of view of paradigm,from the point of view of method, qualitative and from the point of view of strategy, grounded theory was Glazer's approach and in it interviews were used to collect information. The statistical population of this study was made up of men's and women's top league football players. For sampling purposeful sampling method was used and sampling continued until the theoretical saturation limit was reached, therefore 15 interviews were conducted. Lincoln and Guba (1985) evaluation criteria were used to check the quality and accreditation of the research results, including the criteria of validity, transferability, reliability and verifiability. And in order to analyze the data, three overlapping processes of open coding, axial coding and theoretical coding were used. The findings of the research showed that ethical decision-making among football players is a seven-step process that begins with ethical understanding and ends with decision-making consequences. It was also found that individual factors, situational conditions, and cultural environmental factors are effective on decision-making, and finally, the relationship between the decision and its outcome is moderated by the application of appropriate strategies. . Based on this, it is suggested to the officials and managers of league organizations, football federations, and sports clubs and related cultural institutions that synergy and networking of education, promotion of ethics, punishment and institutionalization as Put strategies to promote ethical decision-making in their agenda


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