Document Type : Research Paper


Department of sports management , Payam Noor University of Tehran, Iran.


Identifying and Analyzing the Most Important Empowerment Indicators of Sport Science Education with Emphasis on New Teaching Methods

Aim: The purpose of this study is identifying and analyzing the most important empowerment indicators of sport science education with emphasis on New Teaching Methods. Methodology: The research method was descriptive-analytical and a combination of quantitative and qualitative. The statistical population of this study included 18 faculty members in the qualitative section and 83 faculty members in the quantitative section, and the statistical sample was estimated based on network sampling. A researcher questionnaire was used to collect data. Validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the 15 faculty members. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was 0/84. For data analysis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, factor analysis, one sample T-test, Friedman and Chi-square tests were used. Result: The results showed that the most important indicators in this study based on priority order were: academic honor, educational management system, teacher-related factors, educational content, educational planning factors, educational facilities, student-related factors, and finally educational evaluation system. Conclusion: Also, according to the lower average of the existing status of these components, it can be said that the responsible managers should be act according to the scientific and practical solutions presented at the end of this research to further develop these components and promote new teaching methods in the sports science field.